Chris Hankey - Seascape paintings, landscape paintings, watercolours, drawings and collage of Cornwall, The Isles of Scilly and further afield

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A little introduction to myself

I have always been fascinated by nature, exploring through cycling with sketchbooks, drawing and painting the landscape, the sea, all weathers and all seasons including the winter storms. Having this constant interaction with nature has had a profound effect on my philosophical outlook.

I view the emergence of consciousness as the universe become self aware that there is a deep and profound interconnection between consciousness and nature. There is a creative energy to the way the sea, the land, the atmosphere, the artist interact, and light, it seems to me that there is the light of nature and the light of consciousness through which we explore the world through a dynamic and creative relationship between our conscious selves and nature. I do not view the light of mind and the light of nature as separate creations but as natural phenomena emerging through the natural evolution of the universe and the laws of nature. So I paint the creative fluid interaction between nature and mind