cycle tour 14th July 2017


Since Monday 10th July we have been camped with two terrific friends –  in Anne-Marie and Tony’s garden for a few days while I re stretch and build a box for a large panting and then organise a courier to collect and deliver the artwork. It was great fun and all part of the adventure. We had to collect some packing materials and in all it took three days to sort out, so no problems really.

It’s been a great couple of days chilling out in the evening with good food and good conversation covering all the usual philosophical topics that arise after a few beers, and last night we simply watched the first 5 episodes of Game of Thrones.

Today we plan to cycle in to Penzance via this ancient burriel chamber near Green Barrow engine house. Then we plan to take the train up to Exeter and cycle North to find our first rough camp. It will probably take us 4 days to cycle up to Bristol, and we will most likely be out of contact for that time.

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