15th July Marazion to Ashclyst

We had no real rush to leave Marazion, our train left Penzance at 13:07 so we slowly packed up and did some last minute wandering around Penzance to pick up a few odds’ n ends, Caught the train to Exeter and headed off for a fairly flat ride, it was a relief to leave the busy roads of Exeter behind and pick up the minor road towards Ashclyst Forest……from now on it would be minor roads and off road trails all the way to Bristol…..in all about 20% off road and maybe 1% A roads…..and the rest minor roads…..

Map of first ride today…..

And this is a map of or second ride today….

10.3 miles. 747 ft (227.686 meters)

So this is where we ended up…..making camp

Wild Camp 2

And for lunch pasta and pesto……yum

This was a perfect place to camp, way out in the sticks miles from anywhere, and the scent of the forest was wonderful….absolutely quiet….though later in the night we were both woken to the sounds of Badgers, foxes and several owls…..

And most important is that whatever we brought with us we took away with us…….This is absolutely the rule and it is the essence of wild camping. When we leave the camp……it is as if we had never been there……to walk the Earth lightly…..

Next day after packing we continued our journey North…….

Once camp was set up and we were fed we talked about the day and thought about tomorrow’s route, how far we might travel, between us we have a kindle with our favorite books to read and I had plenty of sketchbook work to think about…..




Crescent Moon after sunset


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