Wild camp 24th July and Disserth 25th

Heading into Mid Wales

Artist – Well this day the weather was wonderful, a slight breeze but really hot. In the end we decided on a short ish ride today, 19.5 miles and 644 meters. Just before Lower Chapel we spotted a likely spot to stop for the night…..a gem of a place…at the corner of a field, the field suddenly dipped down to this secluded dell-like place, lot’s of long grass and shade from the sun and right next to a small river…..

Though there were plenty of insects, but here is the camp……


Wild Camp 24.6.17

Aaron – The night was full of the sounds of the river and many owls, and we were fortunate not to have any rain, so we woke to dry outer flysheets. As the camp was in a dell there was no wind to speak of, so the insides of the fly-sheets took a while to dry (I had to take mine out of the dell and into the sun to dry, and get away from the insects). Once everything was dry and packed we headed for Disserth campsite.


1 of 7 red kites seen on the way to Disserth Campsite


Aaron learns to skim stones

18.3 miles and 548 meters of climbing brought us the Disserth Campsite. Shortly after we left, there were 7 red kites in the sky, which we stopped to photograph (we took too many to show here, so I chose the best). The weather was similar to the day before, with some ominous clouds towards the end of day. The campsite was bordered by a river where dad skimmed stones and I threw stones into the water trying to skim them……

Dad – Sorry had to cut in here……not quite true as Aaron Learned almost straight away….

One other thing…the septic tank……a veritable mound of potential unspeakableness looked almost as though it were about to explode…..smelt like it too….poohie

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