Celyn Brithion to Bala

At some point on a tour like this there is always the possibility of, shall we say…. being overcharged for the privilege of camping on a patch of grass…..I am sure it happens lots…..but fortunately only once to us on this trip…..and if we had known and had the energy to cycle just a couple of miles further it would not have happened at all.  Ah well it was only for one night…..but being charged £15 each was just ridiculous….tiredness and the threat of more rain overcame our best judgement on that occasion  and many other inexpensive campsites and wild camps have more than made up for that one poor decision on my part…..

Celyn Brithion on the other hand was a lovely place with many, many friendly chickens…. fantastic sky’s and seriously torrential rain through the night…

Celyn Brithion campsite

After Celyn Brithion and leaving a watercolour for the owners for such a friendly stay…..we had our first really serious climb….

but the bikes and our legs were prepared for it and the climb was exhilarating…. and here we paused to take in the view have a drink and just enjoy the experience. People in cars either waved encouragement, looked surprised or incredulous or even with sympathy……I always wave back and smile…..for me this is the fun part. For whatever reason, I know not why   ,….I love climbing mountains in the rain……

Aaron: (note) We paused many times on the way up, sometimes for a rest, and sometimes because the view demanded it! Below are the best my camera took (end note).

Some trees growing on a cliff

And always the reward is the fantastic views, splendid and unexpected waterfalls or rainbows, or the occasional Red Kite flying overhead.








Aaron: (note) Speaking of kites… (end note)

You can't see the Kite in this one but I like it anyway


Another pause to take in this spectacular place

Of course the other reward is cycling down the other side and today it was absolutely a fantastic descent….Quiet road and no cars at all…..




This was the most spectacular ride of the tour so far and to top it all we ended the ride by entering Snowdonia national park…..

Aaron: Chickens!

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