Chris Hankey watercolours

Sunset N0.4


One of a few small watercolours…..and they are small. I tend to take watercolours out with me when cycling simply using masking tape to attach 4 to the backs of sketchbooks. They are all 8.5×13 cm that’s image size and 18.5×23.5 cm with the window mount.

In the studio

Working in the studio….two paintings. The one on the easel is just about finished. The paint will need to dry for several days after which maybe a glaze or two. And that will e just about it. It shows the planet Venus moments before Sunrise.

Sunset from St Agnes. Isles of Scilly

Sunset from St Agnes Isles of Scilly. Oil on canvas 77×153 cm 2017 £2500

This painting just finished is from my last visit to the Isles of Scilly, and has taken some time to compete. Rather than working outside on this painting I have taken created this painting from numerous small waterolours and sketches done while visiting St Agnes. This is one of several underway and this is the first to be finished.

Landscape paintings in progress

Working in the studio on several paintings, all around 30×60 inches……The technique I am using makes the oil paint behave a little like watercolour and with the right mediums the colour retains it’s vibrancy……The main problem is drying time…..I now have to pick my way around half a dozen large oil paintings that have to lie flat until the paint is dry….. or at least dry enough to have the paintings vertical. And then on top of these will be consecutively placed glazes each needing drying time………It is exciting, slowly watching the paint move around….gently raising a corner to control the flow. It’s exciting waiting to proceed with the next glaze and always the paint does something different…..Not such a good image to go with the text..that’s deliberate I don’t really want to give away everything about how I achieve this effect…….The one on the easel is waiting for me to do the same……..