Conjunction Oil on canvas 110×95 cm 2012 – 2016

Conjunction Oil on canvas. 110 x95 cm £1800

Conjunction Oil on canvas. 110 x95 cm £1800

Conjunction. Oil on canvas 95×110 cm. £1800. I observed the conjunction of Jupiter Venus and Mercury from Chapel Carn Brea in 2012. Jupiter Venus and Mercury appear as tiny dots in the sky, as accurately as I could place them, although Mercury is quite a challenge to spot

Holed Stone and Mist Kenidjack

Another painting finished today. As always exploring the landscape and weather. This one is part of a series I am working on about stone circles and standing stones. This is the first one finished.

Holed Stone and Mist Kenidjack. Oil on canvas. 60×60 cm £1100

Mist above Portheras Cove Oil on canvas 80x80 cm £1100

Mist above Portheras Cove Oil on canvas 80×80 cm £1100

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Storm Porth Nanven

This painting was just bought by a wonderful couple who have been visiting Cornwall for a number of years and always buy one or more paintings. This year was no exception and in fact they bought 6 paintings one large and 5 small framed paintings (oil on paper). But this is the large one, and a favorite one that I have kept for a number of years. Well they have a new home in Bavaria now…….

Oil on canvas 110x132 cm

Oil on canvas 110×132 cm

Sunset – Winter Storm

Welcome to my blog. I am starting this with one of my recent sales. This painting sold to a couple from Wales. The painting came about from my experiences of cycling and walking during this years winter storms along the coast between St Just and Land’s End. If I had to pick a particular place……as I was asked by the couple who bought the painting, then as I said to them it would be Porth Nanven beach which is very close to where I live and the rocks just visible in the foam of the crashing waves are where my children and I can often be found swimming in the summer…….

Sunset Winter Storm

Oil on canvas 76×152 cm £2200 SOLD