Stone Balancing

There is something very natural about stone balancing. Contemplative, relaxing, and uniquely satisfying. For me it is a meditative and very calming experience and I quickly loose myself in this activity....listening to nature, to the sounds of flowing water or crashing Stone Balance at Porth Nanenwaves.

And at that moment of balance, like a phase change, exhilarating. How it works, how do I select the rocks, in short it's not like that I do not go out of my way searching consciously for a particular stone, it's more like noticing something indefinable out of the corner of your eye. Almost as if when you pick a rock up that it somehow has something about it something suggestive either in the weight of the rock or the shape of the rock that feels right. And as I say finding the point of balance is just great stuff.

Also there is the understanding that two objects like stones will rest against each other like a tripod......that is there are only three points of contact, and so you sort of feel for this knowing that even the most polished surface will behave in this way through bumps and dips on the surface.

What appeals to me with these natural and temporary sculpture's is that they are built out of naturally occurring materials, They are part of the landscape and not quantified or pigeon holed. There is no intent here other than a creative response to nature, of being part of the rhythms of nature.

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A short fun film I made about stone balancing

Although I sometimes end up dismantling these sculptures it is nice to have some record of doing them, and when I have time it is quite a fun thing to edit the images into a short film. This film to the right was made at home and shows one of our local beaches we go to. Porth Nanven. One of my favorite places. And I am often drawing painting swimming or stone balancing here.