Pistyll Rhaeadr falls – 4th Aug

On this ride we took a break from carrying the panniers – it’s a good way – setting up camp and then take a couple of days to explore and this day was another fab day…it seemed that every day we thought that’s it that’s the best ride ever and each cycling day surpassed the previous days ride. There and back put another 40.1 miles and a further 4402 feet of ascent…..to our journey

So this day took in a long gradual climb into  Denbighshire this in in itself was fab as my 5x great grandfather John Hankey was born in Marchweil Denbighshire in 1729. Another fab descent and a little further brought us to one of the 7 wonders of Wales….as they have come to be known. This particular wonder being Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfalls. Some of you may remember the Timotei shampoo adverts  in the 1970’s or early 1980’s……can’t quite remember. So this is where they filmed one of their adverts. Well anyway here are some images……

The climb…..

The weather was great, and I think that this was a first really warm and rain free day, though it did rain during the night, since the Somerset levels. A fairly busy road though, but as we were not carrying all our stuff we were flying along hardly noticing the climb, just stopping once in a while for some chocolate and the views. We new about the waterfall but had never seen it so we did take a pannier bag each with waterproofs, camera and sketchbooks, pens, pencils and watercolours etc.


Enjoying the sun…….


The descent…..








…..was great fun… a long long descent, and then another 4 miles brought us to Pistyll Rhaeadr falls…..

Aaron: This place was absolutely stunning. It is easily my second favorite place that we visited along the tour. The sheer scale of it was immense. Right is a Panorama I took and constructed, and below are attempts to show the scale of the falls.


  Spoiler for next blog post

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