Mythological gallery

This series of artworks came about through an artist in residence on Tresco, Isles of Scilly some years ago, together with my interest in my own celtic origins and my interest in mythological and pagan artworks such as Botticelli’s birth of Venus. Well during this artist in residence I was as usual exploring with my sketchbooks and camera Tresco, Bryher, St Agnes and the small Isle of Gugh which is accessible at low tide across a sand causeway. Over the past few years I had been exploring and visiting many ancient sites around Cornwall and I made this the main subject of this particular sketchbook determining to visit as many ancient sites as I could. Many of the sketches and ideas for paintings are still in progress, but what I have done so far you can view by clicking here

That I can trace my genetic history back to the Aurignacian culture…..the first humans in Europe to produce artworks, such as the Venus figurines I find fascinating. And so I became increasingly curious about the origin of the name Scilly. Interestingly I was also mulling over how I might bring the figure back into my paintings, something I have puzzled over off and on since my foundation course in fine art. Well I found a reference to the origin of the name in a superb book by the historian Craig Weatherhill – ‘Cornovia’ in which Craig Weatherhill suggests the name is thought to be derived from Sillina the Celtic goddess of the Islands Sulis, meaning ‘she who watches’ and known to the Romans as Aquae Sulis – ‘waters of Sulis’. Well history aside the description…’she who watches’ combined with nature always being referred to as ‘she’ led to these artworks, through as always drawing the landscape but in a far more abstract way.

All these artworks are a combination of drawing, ink, digital printing of drawings ripped and collaged and reworked multiple times. These are not for sale.


I am always available for commissions, to find out more or to ask any questions about buying or arranging a viewing or to commission me for a particular artwork contact me here