Bala to Riverside to Beddgelert

Bala to Riverside campsite

Aaron: We left Bala on the 5th of August. As we set off, it was warm and sunny: perfect for cycling. toward the end of the day… not so much, with wind and rain. However, we did see the sea for the first time since entering wales (Severn Estuary) and the last time before that was leaving Cornwall, which felt weird. Below are images of the ride (I’d Include an image of the camp if we had one):

Bala Lake

                                 It’s not a great image… looked better in person


















Riverside Campsite to Beddgelert

Throughout the following days we had torrential rain, and terrific views through the mountains and forests on the ride to Beddgelert……reminding me constantly of the first cycle tours I did as a young teenager…..cycling through Cheshire, Yorkshire and Cumbria… the pouring rain. Good memories. Once we got to Beddgelert we decided to camp at a proper campsite to wash our clothes, ourselves, and dry everything out…..The rivers here were terrific, just sitting drawing and listning to the sounds of water and the forest…..

                                                             River near to the tent

River at bottom of Campsite


                         View from the inside of the tent

We had also run out of gas for our trangia stove and no…we could not find the right gas bottles to fit our trangia gas burner…..but the campsite had microwave meals for £1 in the shop and a microwave cooker for customer use, which solved our problem. They also had a log cabin with a TV…..and so we had our first TV dinner sitting in comfy chairs watching spiderman 2 on the TV…… enjoyable if slightly odd experience.


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